The Colorado Progressive Reinforcement Trainers group is an association of volunteer trainers who are dedicated to using positive reinforcement-based methods of dog training. We exist to provide support and networking opportunities to one another, and to pool our resources together to promote the use of gentle, effective training for dogs and their people within our state and industry.

Our members adhere to these principles when working with dogs and people:

  • Proactive management of dogs and their people for success; prevention and interruption of undesired behavior without the use of physical or psychological intimidation
  • Focus on the stress level and emotional state of those in training
  • Teaching a dog how to cope with its environment through the use of positive reinforcement
  • Employing marker methods to train desired skills
  • Use of the most humane methods available, based on the most current scientific research
  • Raising awareness of dog training methods and why they matter, as well as helping to provide quality referrals and information to the wider Colorado public

We require that members pledge to not use corrective equipment, devices and techniques moving forward, including, but not limited to:

  • Choke chains
  • Prong or pinch collars
  • Electronic collars, fences or mats
  • Alpha rolls, grabbing of the scruff or snout, stare-downs
  • Bribery to manipulate the dog in a way that undermines counterconditioning and building trust
  • Disregard for the dog’s point of view about what is stressful and aversive

We understand that all dogs (as well as people!) determine what is reinforcing, and what is aversive, and pledge to be mindful about choices in regards to the dog’s perspective. We also strive to provide a high level of customer service and compassion for the human clients we serve.

Our name was inspired by Emily Larlham’s manifesto.

We hope you will share our site with others so we can reach our entire state to provide the benefits of training that is safe, fun, effective and humane!